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All about the Feel Good Hypnosis team

Feel Good Hypnosis consists of three hypnotist Turan Mirza , and Jonathan Mirza , and Daryl Mirza.Turan is the only full time hypnotist covering personal change, providing talks on hypnosis and entertaining people through hypnosis, NLP and many other related techniques.Jonathan and Daryl (Turan’s two sons) support Turan in primarily the entertainment side of the Feel Good Hypnosis business. My [Turan’s] interest in hypnosis and NLP started many years ago, starting as merely a curiosity. As I learned more and more, starting to attend professional training, I entertained at personal social events like family birthday parties and at Christmas. It was at this time Jonathan joined me in entertaining people. It was not long before word spread and we were asked to perform at events. As our popularity grew we were asked more and more about the good hypnosis could do to change peoples lives- “can you help me stop smoking?” or “I’m having trouble sleeping, can you help?”. We have trained with some of the top names in hypnosis both in entertainment and change work/therapy . We enjoy both entertaining and helping people feel good in their lives and have covered a wide range of situations, so please do not hesitate to contact us.It was only a matter of time before we formalised the art of hypnosis into Feel Good Hypnosis delivering a blend of both fun entertainment hypnosis and the more serious life changing hypnosis to improve the quality of peoples lives.Now Daryl has come on board, having been trained and mentored by both Jonathan and I.Feel Good Hypnosis have performed in a wide range of locations form Las Vegas and Houston Texas, to Edinburgh Scotland and all over Northern Ireland.I am now a speaker in the topic of hypnosis, having presented numerous talks locally in Northern Ireland and at Hypnothoughts Live Convention in Las Vegas.
So whatever you need we have the hypnosis for you.


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